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Spearheaded by Adjunct Underground current and former adjunct faculty collectively created an audiobook of Joe Berry's groundbreaking Reclaiming the Ivory Tower . A labor of creative love for freeway fliers everywhere.

Video and Audio

Making videos for CEW is easy. You can simply record a video on your smart phone and upload it to social media platforms.

If you have access to an editing app or editing software you can add in titles and text, make cuts, add transitions, and a soundtrack. Most smart phones come with a video editing app, or you can easily download one. Mac computers have iMovie, Windows platforms have Windows Movie Maker. You can search YouTube for video tutorials and tutorials on animation. Your school may have a subscription to that has excellent tutorials for all the you ever want to know how to use and you can sign up for a free 30 day trial.

If you are, or you engage, faculty who teach media production, you can make a professional short documentary, comedy, narrative, animation or experimental video.

All of these can be focused on campus equity and be screened during CEW or as a follow up event to keep organizing on your campus.

Audio is just as easy. Apps on your smartphone can be used and then you can upload to social media. Audacity is a free open source software program you can use. Make your own radio program, do investigative reporting, record spoken word, and musical performances, and so on. Arrange with the campus radio station to have your pieces aired. Work with the faculty teaching experimental music courses or film scoring. Set up a time to screen videos and listen to audio recordings. Use these recordings for gallery installations. Explore technology for other possibilities!

Professors in Poverty

A video by Brave New Films featuring Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer. A video made for CEW 2015.

Notre Dame de Namur (Belmont, CA) students tell the school to "Stop the Cuts!" Made with a smart phone camera and editing software.

Hugh Behm-Steinberg from California College of the Arts calls out the hypocrisy of CCA sponsoring a social justice conference while fighting the contingent faculty on job security in contract negotiations. Made with a smart phone and posted directly to Facebook

Grace Chen, CCA student, supports her professors and makes the connections between student learning conditions and faculty teaching conditions. Made with a smart phone and posted directly to Facebook

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