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Illustrating the professoriate is another option. Ask faculty to draw how they see themselves as professors, versus, how they think students or administrators perceive them, and how they want to be seen.


Collect these images and display them. 

Bring people together to make masks to wear during your Campus Equity Event. Make masks that turn the gathering into a party. Play music. Serve refreshments. Make it fun! 

Useful materials: heavy stock paper, artist papers, handmade papers, scissors, popsicle sticks, chop sticks, string, glue, feathers, glitter, mask template from on-line, markers, paint and brushes, etc.

Make masks for a campus procession on the
CEW day of action, October 31, 2017.


Make masks to use for a social media campaign.

Mask Making

mAsk4CampusEquity logo can be downloaded (from the Toolkit page) life-sized for printing on poster board. Cut out the printed masks, punch a small hole in each side, and run string or elastic from ear to ear to hold the mask on when worn.

Or glue a flat chopstick behind the red vertical strip to hold the mask in front of your face as was done in centuries gone by.


These masks could be customized with academic department labels, or stickers that display the number of years the wearer has been employed at the institution or the  number of students the wearer has taught.


The masks could be used collectively to exhibit the prevalence of the non tenure-track workforce. Write on each mask the section numbers or the number of students the faculty member teaches. Or write quotations about contingency or what equity means on your campus.


Hang the masks in a public space as an exhibit.

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