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CEW 2017 mAsk4CampusEquity Toolkit

Order the 2017 mAsk4CampusEquity design by Rebekah Tolley  


order a mix of 2017 design and the classic Campus Equity Now design by David Wilder for 2013

Buttons: .49 cents each plus S&H.

Stickers: .075 cents each plus S&H

Orders take approximately

one week to arrive




Click here to order Buttons and Stickers with the mAsk4CampusEquity Logo from our virtual store 



See the toolkit of 2017 campaign designs to download and use for your campus actions!

The CEW Toolkit contains these downloadable mAsk4CampusEquity graphics:

  •         Campaign Logo that that can be scaled to any size

  •         Campaign Masthead that can be scaled for posters or fliers

  •         "Adjunct Dollar" Food Coupon with facts on the back

  •         Campaign Bookmark with talking points on the back

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