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Sign and/or Poster Making Party

We have seen the amazing impact of homemade signs at various protests this year--the Women's March, the March for Science, town hall protests against repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act. A sign making party is a great way to get acquainted with colleagues you don't yet know.


The party can be the event in and of itself, each person can take what they make and hang it on a bulletin board, office door, or common space on campus. Or they can make signs for  demonstrations and other events during CEW.

All you need is a space with tables. Once you book that space, collect poster board, paper, cardboard, markers, paint and brushes, cups for water for the paint, towels for clean up. You can even bring tape, glue and magazines/newspapers to cut up as elements on the sign. There are no rules to what materials can be used.


Once you are all together, talk about the message you want to send to those who will see the signs and posters.  


Have CEW campaign information available so that people can use or adapt the talking points and message of mAsk4CampusEquity.

Bring the signs to the action/event or at display them collectively during Campus Equity Week.

You can turn this into a friendly competition with a vote for the top three favorite signs, and a small prize such as the CEW buttons, a free lunch, office supplies, and other useful things for professors in poverty!


Photos by Anne Wiegard, Carlos Rivera, Jennie Smith-Camejo, Lydia Field Snow, Jessica Lawless, Jennie Shanker

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